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Romana's Pilates

Romana Kryzanowska studied and taught many years alongside Joseph Pilates. After his death she
continued to run the studio and founded the first formal certification programme educating future pilates teachers.

It takes a lot of time, effort and challenge to become a Romana’s Pilates teacher. Due to
high standards and requirements held it is said to be the most demanding pilates school internationally. 

World-best teachers studied with Romana. Currently, only the most experienced of them, most and foremost her daughter Sari Mejia Santo
and grand-daughter Daria Pace, make the grand master teacher trainers team.

Marjorie Oron, Level X Master Teacher, who trained me in her The Pilates Studio 1994 in the Hague, is one of them. 

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What does classical stand for?

“The classic is always in fashion” is also
true for pilates. The traditional pilates still works. 

Classical pilates addresses the whole body. It is a strength, resistance, functional and
stretching training in one. If you stay true to the method, you will never get bored. You will open your body and your mind. It will take you back to where you used to be as a kid. It will return you to life. 

Benefits of pilates:

  • strength and flexibility
  • healthy spine
  • pain issues prevention
  • tension release
  • better coordination
  • improved balance
  • body awareness
  • better concentration
  • bigger range of motion
  • injury prevention
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In short, pilates will give you…

  • healthy, capable body
  • lots of endorphins – “I feel good” state of mind
  • better resilience and  physical immunity
  • self-assurance – „Yes, I can!” approach
  • me-time – feeling of being self-important
  • joy from practicing sports and having better technique – you will run faster, but will get tired less
  • freedom – life without pain and limitations